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How Much Do Bathroom Tiles Cost In Perth? 2021 Price Guide

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1 in 3 Australians plan on renovating their home in the next three months and if you’re one of those excited homeowners who’s been dreaming of a new bathroom, you’ll have thought about what tiles to use on your walls, floor, and accent areas.

At the same time, you don’t want to overspend, so learning how much bathroom tiles cost can help you save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. The cost of bathroom tiles will depend on the material you choose, with ceramic or porcelain tiles at the budget end and natural stone offering a premium finish. This means you can secure bathroom tiles for as little as $35/m2 right up to $150/m2 and up.

Read on for our full price guide to help you save BIG on your next bathroom passion project, reno or remodel.

Looking to redo your bathroom?

Whether it’s a cosmetic facelift, or you’re tearing everything out and starting from scratch, you’ll naturally want to know how much the materials will cost you.

Unfortunately, there are dozens of bathroom tile types to choose from and since a bathroom carpet isn’t going to win any design awards, you need to know how much each type of bathroom tile will set you back.

Read on to discover what bathroom tiles cost in 2021.

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How to choose the best bathroom tiles

You’ve made the decision to renovate or remodel your bathroom, so you’ve probably read a few articles on Google and watched a few YouTube videos to help you get up to speed on your options.

But choosing the best bathroom tile isn’t as easy as pointing at a style you like and giving your contractor or home builder the thumbs up.

Different tiles will bring unique features across durability, texture, colour, maintenance and cost.

When choosing the right bathroom tiles for you, make sure you take into account:

  • Your tile’s virtuosity (or ability to absorb water)
  • The aesthetic of your bathroom
  • The aesthetic of your home
  • Your favourite colours and textures
  • The likely foot traffic or wear and tear in your bathroom
  • How much you want to spend on bathroom tiles

MODERN TREND TILING TIP: Treat your bathroom tiles as a mixture of form and function. When you can land on a type of tile that’s sturdy enough for the job, but still fits in with your style, you’ll be heading in the right direction.

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Do bathroom wall tiles cost the same as floor tiles?

Floor tiles are typically more expensive than wall tiles, even when they’re made of the same material.

This generally comes down to the requirements of floor tiles. You don’t want to be slipping over in your bathroom, so floor tiles are typically made thicker and harder to withstand foot traffic. At the same time, floor tiles tend to have added texture to prevent accidental slips, and all these extra touches and finishes add to the cost of bathroom floor tiles.

The distinction between wall and floor tiles can be measured in two ratings:

  • Coefficient of Friction (COF) rating: Refers to friction level, with floor tiles requiring higher friction to be safe to walk on, while friction matters less for wall tiles.
  • Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rating: Refers to hardness and durability to stand up to foot traffic, while foot traffic doesn’t matter for wall tiles.

Bathroom wall tiles can have any COF rating or PEI rating (after all, you don’t walk on the walls). While floor tiles require a COF rating of 0.50 or greater and a PEI rating of 3 to 5.

So while many tile companies advertise their products as suitable for bathroom walls and floors, it pays to know the difference and whether you’re making a safe choice.

What bathroom tiles will I be choosing from?

Aussies spend roughly 182 hours a year in the bathroom, so it makes sense to want to customise your space and enjoy your time.

For that reason, there are a wide range of tile types to choose from each offering its own look, feel and water absorption qualities. Some bathroom tiles are decorative, such as terracotta which is non vitreous (that’s fancy bathroom talk for ‘absorbs water easily’), and should only be used in accent areas. While others are purpose-made to handle heavy foot traffic and water.

A tile’s finish is also worth thinking about as glazed tiles will have water-resistant qualities but unglazed tiles will not, so there’s lots more to consider than just how a tile looks in a brochure.

Some of the most common bathroom tiles you’ll be choosing from include:

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Generally red, brown, or white, ceramic tiles are some of the most popular in Aussie bathrooms. Dense and non-porous, ceramic tiles are slip, stain and fire-resistant - an all round workhorse for your home.

Available in plenty of finishes including matte, satin, glossy, polished and semi-polished, ceramic tiles offer tons of style. But they can wear out through heavy foot traffic, and are recommended for light to moderate areas, so be careful if you’re tiling a bathroom floor in a busy Perth household

COST: $40 to $80 per m2

Cement Bathroom Tiles

Think cement tiles are dull? Think again. While cement is often used in the exterior of a Perth home, the industrial vibe of cement adds a contemporary feel to the bathroom, with cement tiles durable and easy to maintain.

Keep in mind, cement tiles will need sealing as they’re non-vitreous.

COST: $75 to $110 per m2

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain tiles are actually a type of ceramic tiles, but are made from finer clay, so they fall into their own category. As the fine clay is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic, the resulting porcelain bathroom tiles are tough and extremely vitreous - making them ideal for Perth bathroom walls and floors.

An ultra-low maintenance option, this bathroom tile suits busy Perth bathrooms who want a material that’s tough enough to handle many feet, but still offers clean and modern lines year after year.

COST: $35 to $50 per m2

Glass Bathroom Tiles

Glass may not be the first bathroom tile that springs to mind when you’re looking to transform your space, but its reflective qualities help add character and dramatic flair, making it ideal in feature walls or accent panels.

You can add even more aesthetic advantages with the right lighting, with glass helping to open up a room and make small bathrooms look bigger, plus glass is naturally resistant to water so there’s no need to seal your tiles.

COST: $60 to $120 per m2

Granite Bathroom Tiles

Granite tiles are another form of natural stone tile, all of which tend to be more expensive as they require a lengthy process to go from the ground to your bathroom walls or floor, which adds cost along the way.

However, there’s no denying a granite bathroom floor or benchtop is stunning, with the visible crystal structure of granite turning every bathroom into a unique and elegant place. As granite is heat-resistant and scratch-proof, it makes for ideal flooring that won’t get scuffed by kids, pets or adults.

COST: $80/m2 to $140/m2

Marble Bathroom Tiles

Smooth, elegant, sophisticated. It’s tough to look at marble bathroom tiles and not get a sense of luxury. Marble tiles are typically on the more expensive side, and so may be used on feature walls or as a complementary material.

Marble bathroom tiles are available polished (gloss or high-gloss), or honed (satin or smooth) with unique natural veins creating one-of-a-kind bathroom aesthetics.

COST: $120 to $150 per m2

Metal Bathroom Tiles

Metal bathroom tiles are growing in popularity, offering a distinctly modern look and available in a range of finishes including copper, steel and bronze. Technology allows for an innovative array of sizes and shapes with 1.6mm of solid metal cut into sleek bathroom tiles. Keep in mind, metal tiles may oxidize over time and tarnish, though some Perth homeowners embrace this rustic look.

It’s common in Perth homes to see metal tiles complement other tiles, like mosaic tiles, as they make for a strong accent material.

COST: $40 to $90 per m2

Terracotta Bathroom Tiles

Terracotta offers a striking red clay material that’s natural, rustic and welcoming, although it’s a porous material - meaning they soak up water and stain more easily than other bathroom tiles.

Regular sealing can limit water absorption, but these natural qualities are better protected with glazing, which helps terracotta tiles become more suitable for bathroom usage. Even still, terracotta is typically found as an accent stone, rather than directly in Perth bathrooms.

COST: $80 to $110 per m2

Slate Bathroom Tiles

Natural materials like slate help your Perth bathroom look unique and elegant. And since slate is so durable, it can be used in high foot traffic areas without cracking or breaking easily. While it’s aesthetic stands out, slate is comfortable under foot and is picked to improve the usability of bathroom spaces, offering resistance to water absorption, too.

COST: $130 to $150 per m2

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Mosaic tiles can be made from a range of materials including glass, stone, porcelain and more.

Typically priced per sheet, a mosaic floor or wall is a statement that’s sure to turn heads and provide a ‘WOW’ factor for years to come. Many Perth homeowners use mosaic tiles on the walls and floor of their shower, surrounding a bath as an accent feature, or behind the sink for a modern aesthetic.

COST: $33 to $59 per sheet (300mm x 300mm)

Bathroom tile cost calculator

Bathroom Tile Material Average Cost in Perth
Ceramic $40 to $80 per m2
Cement $75 to $110 per m2
Porcelain $35 to $50 per m2
Glass $60 to $120 per m2
Granite $80 to $140 per m2
Marble $120 to $150 per m2
Metal $40 to $90 per m2
Terracotta $80 to $100 per m2
Slate $130 to $150 per m2
Mosaic $33 to $59 per sheet (300mm x 300mm)

Looking for stylish, durable and affordable bathroom tiles?

Renovating or remodelling your bathroom, whether it’s a small bathroom job, a luxury bathroom, or a fully custom design, is an exciting process.

But it doesn’t come without challenges.

Comparing the price of bathroom tiles in Perth online can help give you a rough estimate of costs, but with so many variables affecting the final price - from the material you choose to the size of your bathroom and the complexity of the job - it’s best to speak to your local tiling experts for custom advice and an obligation-free quote.

At Modern Trend Tiling we’re Perth locals, just like you. So we know how important it is to find a fair price and to craft a bathroom that starts your day with joy. With 100% customer satisfaction and an industry-leading 12-year guarantee on all materials and workmanship, reach out to speak to our design experts today for a quote on your next bathroom retiling.

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