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How Much Does Tile Installation Cost In Perth?

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Perth tilers typically quote and charge on a ‘per m2’ rate which falls between $35 to $150 per m2. This range may seem wide, but there are a range of variables that impact the price of tile installation including the size of your room, the complexity of the job, and the type of tiles you choose.

If you’re looking for the most affordable tile installation in Perth, read on for our full price guide (with bonus tips to help you save money).

Your kitchen or bathroom needs an upgrade, and new tiles are going to transform your space.

At the same time, you don’t want to be paying overs for tiling, and that includes the tiles themselves but also the installation. While it’s easy to browse online and compare the cost of each type of tile, trying to find an average price of installation is much tougher.

We’re guessing this isn’t the first article you’ve read online, with most guides nothing more than thinly-veiled sales attempts.

So whether you need the help of our professional, qualified and affordable Perth experts or you’re just looking for info, we’ll share every cost associated with a new job to help you make an informed decision.

How much does it cost to install tiles in Perth?

There are plenty of jobs that can be done with the right YouTube video and a DIY spirit...but adding tiles isn’t one of them.

Adding new tiles requires expertise and skill to ensure your floors and walls are able to withstand foot traffic and regular moisture, with any mistakes able to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages to your home (not to mention costly re-tiling bills).

Hiring a professional is always easier when you know what’s a fair price, and what’s an extortion waiting to happen.

Perth tilers typically include labour costs and materials in their quote. The average cost falls between $45 to $65 per square metre.

Keep in mind, your home isn’t average so it’s best not to use average prices as your yardstick. If you’re looking to tile a large bathroom floor, wall and accent area with a premium natural stone tile like marble, the above averages may not accurately reflect your cost.

As an example, consider the two hypothetical Perth homeowners below…

Andy wants to retile his kitchen Brandi wants to retile her bathroom

Andy has a small kitchen

He wants plain, beige ceramic tiles

He prefers a simple geometric pattern


Brandi has a luxurious bathroom

She wants striking marble aesthetic

She wants a custom hexagonal pattern


Tile installation costs per m2

The cost of installing bathroom and kitchen tiles will vary, ranging from $35 per m2 for budget options like plain ceramic, right up to $150 per m2 and up for more expensive tiles, like mosaic, marble or subway tiles.

The table below outlines some of the average Perth prices for installing some of the most common choices.

Tile Type Tile Size Average Cost Per m2
Mosaic 61mm x 61mm 100mm x 100mm $113 to $129 $110 to $135
Ceramic 200mm x 200mm 300mm x 300mm $100 to $130 $110 to $140
Terracotta 300mm x 300mm $95 to $135
Porcelain 200mm x 200mm 300mm x 300mm $80 to $120 $95 to $130

PLEASE NOTE: These prices reflect averages and should not be used as exact figures. For custom tiling installation costs, please reach out and contact our team today.

Factors impacting the cost of tile installation

Laying tiles isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ job.

For example, if your bathroom tiling project involves multiple surfaces (walls, floors, accent areas) and intricate shapes, you’ll pay more for tile installation than a simple grid-pattern on a small bathroom floor.

Here are some of the factors that will influence what you pay.

Tile material

As tile material is included in installation costs, your choice of tile is going to have the greatest impact on price. For example, natural stone tiles are elegant and modern, but more expensive than ceramic tiles. In contrast, plain ceramic tiles will be a more cost-effective option, though you’ll be trading aesthetic benefits, so you’ll need to assess your preferred style as well as your preferred spend.

Complexity of the job

Does your tiler need to lay tiles around the curved edge of your toilet? Or are they working with a single rectangular wall in your shower? When there’s cutting required to match a difficult shape, you’ll typically have to pay more.

Tile design

You’ve got your choice of dozens of tile patterns and designs to choose from. Even when you’ve picked a material, for example porcelain, what design catches your eye? This could be Herringbone, hexagonal, modular, basket weave, or any number of other patterns. As some patterns are more difficult to tile, the cost of installation will go up.

Are you tiling indoors or outdoors?

Are you looking to tile an outdoor swimming pool area with non-porous and slip-resistant tiles?

Or, do you have a small wall tiling job to fix damage from a stray elbow during some inside play that got too heated?

The difference between interior and exterior jobs can be significant as outdoor projects typically cost less than indoor projects (assuming similar size and materials).

This is because indoor rooms offer more complex problems to be solved, like cutting tiles to fit around electrical outlets or air vents. In contrast, adding tiles outside, for example around the family swimming pool, is generally more straightforward with a set area to tile.

What is the tiling process?

It’s all well and good to know how much you’ll be paying, but it helps to know what you’re paying for too.

To put your spend in perspective, here’s a broad overview of how your tiler will take your chosen tiles and leave you with a stunning bathroom or kitchen to enjoy.

Prepare surfaces

Poor surface preparation is the #1 cause of tiles failing to bond to your floors or walls, so this step is crucial. The cost of tile installation may include the labour required to remove old tiles (if you’re renovating or remodelling an existing space). Your floor or wall must be level and free of dust, grease and moisture.

Cut and lay tiles

Your tiler will need to measure and cut your tiles to ensure they fit your space and match your aesthetic vision. This step is crucial to ensure tiles fit the corners of your room with no space for moisture or debris to penetrate.

Apply grout

Grout is necessary to fill the gaps between individual tiles and provide water-proofing properties to ensure your bathroom or kitchen tiles can handle everyday use. As a water-resistant seal, grouting is included in your installation costs, though if you’re looking to regrout your tiles down the line, expect to pay $25/m2.

Apply waterproofing

Proper waterproofing of your tiles prevents water from leaking through your floor, rotting timber structures, and weakening the structure of your home. This will typically be included in your tile installation price, though if you need to waterproof your tiles after the fact, expect to pay $35/m2.

Do Western Australian tilers need to be licensed?


Tilers in Perth, and anywhere in WA, do not need to be licensed.

This makes paying for professional tile installation more of a challenge than you might think. It’s not enough to jump on Google and contact the first tiler you see, as there’s no guarantee they’ll have the skills to tile your home’s bathroom or family kitchen properly.

When you’re paying for a home improvement project, even if it’s just a small bathroom project, it’s important you find the right expert at the right price - remember, a cheap tile installation can end up significantly more expensive if it requires costly repairs to fix a botched job!

How to pick the best tile installers for your Perth home

When it comes to Perh tilers, installation varies from $35/m2 to $150/m2 depending on your choice of tile and the complexity of the job.

Large jobs aren’t necessarily more expensive than smaller jobs, as the difficulty in cutting tiles or laying complex patterns can bring the price up, even for a small custom designed bathroom renovation.

To help you land the best price in your Perth suburb, it’s important you contact between 3 and 5 local tilers (that’s right, we encourage you to test us against our competition) and be clear on what’s included in your quote.

Tile installation should cover the materials, labour, preparation and clean-up of your bathroom and kitchen.

We’re not satisfied unless you are, with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 12-year warranty on all workmanship helping you find the best price on your home improvement project.

If you’re ready to get your next tiling job started, reach out and request a fast and FREE quote today.