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If these are part of your checklist for bathroom flooring and surrounds, then tiling is the obvious choice for you. Bathroom tiling is a great way to improve the aesthetic of a space while also making it more functional, not to mention easier to clean.

Whether you want to renovate or install a new bathroom for your Perth property, our experts at Modern Trend Tiling can help. Our team is experienced, fully licensed and insured, and qualified with over 20 years in the industry. We can help with everything from design and tile selection to installation.

We pride ourselves in our reputation for high-quality work and customer satisfaction. We are here to help you from start to finish, providing you with a hassle-free renovation that's on time and within budget.

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Why choose tile over other alternatives?

When it comes to bathrooms, tiles seem to be synonymous with bathroom flooring. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. So why is bathroom tiling in Perth so popular?

It starts with functionality. Tiles are naturally a durable and waterproof option that are great for wet environments like bathrooms that can take a beating with day-to-day use. What’s more, they don’t wear down or diminish in appearance over time, making them a lasting design element in your space.

Tiles can also be used for more than just flooring, allowing for homeowners to incorporate designs up the walls and into shower surrounds as they see fit. From tiny spaces to luxury bathroom designs, you can make any space come to life with the right tile.

Worried about being tied to a specific look or feel? Not with tiles. They come in a variety of materials and designs including porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, timber-look, mosaic, marble, travertine, and granite. Add to this the different shades, sizes, colour ways, and options for grout, and you have infinite design possibilities at hand.

How long does it take to tile a bathroom?

There’s no single answer to this since there are a number of factors that can affect bathroom tiling and renovation projects. For starters, consider the size of the bathroom in question. Larger spaces with more tile and more intricate designs will likely take longer to complete than smaller spaces with less tile work required.

Then there’s the multistep installation process. The tile needs to be laid according to the design specified, which can take anywhere from 2-7 days depending on how much tile there is to work with. After the tiles are in place, they’ll need to be grouted, which can take another day or two to complete and allow to set.

What do bathroom tiles in Perth cost?

This is going to range depending on the actual tiles that you choose. With so many different styles, materials, and sizes, the cost ranges can vary quite a bit. Keep in mind that tile pricing, both for the actual materials as well as the installation, is based on area, or square metres. More tile means spending more money.

Here are some average prices for tiles based on the type, with the price range depending on the style and size you choose.

Tile Type Average Cost per Square Metre
Ceramic $15-$35
Marble $60-$80
PVC $20-$30
Porcelain $3-$35
Glass $5-$15
Stone $5-$35

These prices are for materials only. One you have made your selection, your installer will do a quote and measure to determine how much of the material you will need and to give you a true estimate for the work to be done. At that time, they should also be able to quote you a price for their installation fees. These vary depending on the provider but range anywhere between $35-$150 per square metre.

Looking for more pricing information? Check out our Floor Tiling Price Guide

Can you install bathroom tiles yourself?

Technically, yes. Bathroom tiling is not a regulated field that demands licensure or experience. But that doesn’t make tiling a great idea for a DIY project if you have zero experience. There are a number of steps that go into the proper installation of tiles, and a poor install can have you spending more than you would expect to have it repaired or redone for you down the line.

Tiling also requires quite a bit of specialised equipment so that angles can be cut and edges can be mitered. If you don’t have these tools, you’ll either have to cut some corners yourself (literally) or shell out more costs for the right equipment.

Most of all, tiling is an art that should be done by the professionals. They’ll make sure that everything is properly centred, aligned, and designed to your specifications and, if not, they’ll be in a position to be able to fix it. What’s more, tiling takes time and effort that many homeowners simply don’t have.

What to look for in a professional tiler

Start by asking to see a portfolio of their work. Like we mentioned above, tiling is an art of sorts, and you’ll want to see the outcomes of any potential provider’s prior projects. Make sure that they also have projects that match the materials or aesthetic that you are going for so you know they can deliver on what you are envisioning.

From there, consider experience. You’ll want to work with someone who has extensive experience working with bathroom tiles in Perth. Fly by night handymen might seem appealing, or lower priced, but they will not have the expertise to complete the job professionally or properly.

From there, you can ask a professional these questions to narrow down your search:

  • “How do you keep your projects on time and on budget?”
  • “What warranties do you offer on workmanship?”
  • “Do you have a customer satisfaction guarantee?”
  • “Do you outsource your work or complete it with in-house employees?”
  • “What products or brands do you use most often?”
  • “Do you offer design consultation services?”
  • “Do you have free quotes and estimates available?”
  • “Are you licensed and insured to do this work in my home?”

What makes Modern Trend Tiling different?

From start to finish you will only deal with the owner, Joel Debono, who's an expert and certified in handling all types of floor tiling projects. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee from the beginning to the end of the project. We offer an industry-best 12-year warranty on workmanship.

We communicate effectively to ensure we meet your needs, requirements, and expectations. We work on time and within budget! No surprise charges at all. We provide free measure and quote along with free design consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Tiles in Perth

Is there a difference between floor and wall tile?

Actually, yes. Floor tiles are designed to be a bit thicker since they’ll be taking on the weight of people walking around on them, making them more durable for the long run. While some floor tiles can be installed on walls, the same is not true in the reverse. You’ll want to make sure you aren’t using wall tiles for a flooring project and always consult with the manufacturer instructions for installation so you can stay in line with any product warranties that are offered.

Are all tiles waterproof?

It all comes down to what the tiles are made out of. Porcelain, ceramic, and most stone tiles will be waterproof enough for bathroom applications. If you aren’t sure, check with the manufacturer instructions or with your tiler for assistance in choosing the right tile for your bathroom.

Does all tile need grout?

For the most part, yes. But if you are concerned about the look and feel of the grout in your project, have no fear. You can work with your designer to keep the grout thickness to a minimum and choose from a variety of colours and tints that can be incorporated seamlessly into your design.

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