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3 Ways to Revamp your Small Bathroom

3 Ways to Revamp your Small Bathroom
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If you live in a compact house, chances are your bathroom won’t be that generous in space. In fact, many older houses have small bathrooms with just enough space for a tub and shower combination, toilet and vanity. Most of our customers contact us with fear that they cannot easily remodel their smaller bathrooms. The good thing is that when you get in touch with an expert like Modern Trend Tiling, you will be given a solution that will work around your existing space.

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Here I’ve listed 3 efficient ways to revamp your small bathrooms to make them look airy, spacious and inviting.

Play with Light Colours

From furnishings to wall paint, it is best to avoid use of dark colours or contrasting hues. A monochromatic, light colour scheme is your best bet to make your bathroom look spacious and not like a cave. You might want to consider using soft grey or pale earthy colours as they are very popular these days. If you like a bit of colour then you can also look into shades like warm white, icy blue, butter yellow or seafoam green. These colours will work very well when paired with a white trim and will open up any tiny bathroom.

You can definitely find some very appealing options in light coloured cabinetry and most of them will compliment such colour schemes. Going for the lightest shades for paint and furniture will allow you to avoid any unnecessary contrasting hues that might be too strong for your small bathroom. Match the floor tiles to the wall colour to help make the corners of the bathroom disappear. Having a basic white on the ceiling will be the best option here.

Add a Dash of Colour

Now I’m not saying that you have to go all bland and boring either! You can still think of adding a bit of colour to the bathroom’s personality. Look for accessories in a bit more energising colours. Having bold red towels and soap dispensers matching the shade will definitely make things look a bit more interesting, while at the same time won’t look too overwhelming. Use a patterned rug to add that bit of extra colour in the bathroom. The best thing is that it is easier for you to update the look and feel of the bathroom by simply changing the colour of the accessories.

Think of Reflections

Here’s a rule that we as professionals follow - add as many possibilities for light to bounce in a small room. The more light that can bounce around in your small bathroom, the larger it will look. I recommend using a large mirror to make the space look bigger as well as to reflect a lot of light. Select the largest mirror that can fit the wall.

You might also want to consider going for high-gloss fixtures such as sinks, showers and tubs. Go for lustrous tile backsplashes and shiny countertops, as they will all add more light to the room.

By simply following these rules, you will see how a small space can look much bigger and much more inviting. Of course we have many other ways to revamp a small bathroom, so if you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, get in touch on 0402 665 136.