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5 Benefits to Renovating Your Home in 2020

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Renovations can be stressful. You have to find the right person to complete them for the right price, that can also do it during the right time-frame. In 2020, it's time to stop putting off those important decisions. That renovation dream doesn't have to be stressful! At Modern Trend Tiling, our team of professionals will take all of that hassle and make it feel like a breeze. To prove just that, we've crafted a list of the top 5 benefits to renovating your home.


A new look can often feel refreshing. When you renovate your kitchen or bathroom, or any area in your home, it opens up a new era in a way. As the year's pass, trends go out of date, your style and personal preferences change, and your home can begin to feel a little old or too familiar. When you give your home that much-needed face-lift, it's as if you're starting a brand new year and you're going to do better, be better. The outcome of the renovation is your new look! Instead of waiting for the next trend, why not lead it?


That's right! Include your personal style in the plans for that upcoming renovation. Make it something you love and have it designed to fit your deepest desires. Whether it be a theme that suits your house, your favourite colours or patterns, or something modern and sleek - it'll be your own personal touch right at home. That personalization gives you a unique look to ensure distinctive characteristics.


Along with that breath of fresh air new look comes to comfort. You'll feel comfortable in your new 'skin' so to speak. Whenever you see the product of your finished renovation, you'll feel at ease knowing it's exactly what you wanted. In some ways, it's like starting with a clean slate. After all your home is meant to be comforting.


When everything is finished, your friends and family will want to see the updates you've done. Not only will the anticipation of that first look be exciting for you and those close to you, but it'll bring you attention. Show off that gorgeous tile design over dinner and discuss how glad you are that you decided to let Modern Trend Tiling do the job!


Updates and renovations can indeed increase the value of your home. When you update to a more modern look or simply have the best products in your home, it increases that home's value and prepares you if and should it come time to put your home on the market. It's really a win-win situation that pays off while you're living in the home and in the long run when it's time to say goodbye.

With Modern Trend Tiling, you'll not only receive the best team for the job but you'll meet a very hands-on owner. Joel Debono takes pride in his family-owned business and keeps the promise of 100% satisfaction. With 20 years of experience, you'll be working with an insured and licensed team that uses only the best materials around. Offering a wide range of tiling choices, including natural stones, porcelain, ceramics, and mosaics, you're sure to find the perfect design. Each job comes with a 12-year guarantee or premium materials, and to show that your business is greatly valued and appreciated.

For a free consultation, on-site quote, and expert advice contact us today. We'll help save you time and money while getting you that dream renovation you deserve. In Perth, we want you to feel at home as much as we do!